The Story of Creation
embodied and explored through yoga, meditation, music, and art over 7 slow & savory months

When you join The Abbey, you’ll gain access to our rich library of past content including over 15 hour-long yoga practices, guided Lectio Divina and Meditations, and playlists.

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2018 workshops include:

Finding Your Voice: Translating Heaven While Teaching with Caroline Williams

The Anatomy of the Breath with Sarah Thibodeaux

This is A Good Body: Navigating Our Relationship With Our Body Through Yoga with Jenny Wade of Haven Yoga

Bringing Yoga to the People: Making Your Classes Accessible to All Bodies with Sarah Henderson

Where it All Comes Together: Pelvis 101 with Caprice Abowitt

An Introduction to Trauma-Sensitive Yoga with Amy Brady

Yoga + Infertility with Kendra Tolbert and Abby Mortenson

You’ll also gain access to Members-only bonus content including a 90 minute New Years Yoga + Vision Casting Workshop and behind-the-scenes flows from Caroline’s retreat in Greece!