Why study the creation story? A few reasons.
For one, it deals with God’s decision to physically create, to deal in the material, tangible, messy, and diverse. To create a physical place (here) and time (now) to make heaven known. The Bible begins by painting a picture of a disordered and chaotic world and the Spirit of God hovering over it like a mama eagle over her eggs. The first act God does is speak and create. Perhaps the same is still true today…
For another reason, we think the Creation Story has been done a disservice. We tend to limit our conversation around it to a reductive theological debate or brush past it completely once we graduate from Sunday School felt boards. 
We believe there’s a lot more to the story. We believe this foundational story may just have some foundational ideas to teach us about God, ourselves, and how it all fits together. Each month we’ll lean into a different “day” of creation, chewing over its meaning then and now, tangibly & spiritually, in our bodies & in our hearts. 
This intense study will transform your understanding and awareness of the always-present always-creating God. Here’s a glimpse of what we dive into each month:


Day One, June.png

Day One | June Darkness + Light

God names both the light & dark, both answer to Him. God is in the chaos. God is in the confused. God is in the wilderness.

Day Two, July.png

Day Two | July The Space Between

God establishes boundaries so we can breathe.

Day Three, August.png

Day Three | AugustPutting Down Roots

All the ingredients are there for our growth. Will we receive them and grow or refuse them and wither?

Day Four, August.png

Day Four | SeptemberThe Wonder of Rhythm

God establishes rhythm and time and we contemplate our dependence on artificial light.

Day Five, October.png

Day Five | OctoberWorshipping with every sense

God creates creatures for worship in His creation. Can God be known like an infant knows their mother – through sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste?

Day Six, November.png

Day Six | NovemberIt’s safe to be seen

God creates a very good creation.

Day Seven, December.png

Day Seven | DecemberExhale to Inhale

“My presence will go with you and I will give you rest.”