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Being a part of the Abbey has not only been life-giving, inspiring and educational, it has been instrumental as I start my wellness and yoga ministry in Mexico. As I lead my team, work on creating content, seek wisdom in each step and follow good practices, this community has been a true safe place! It is a constant re-direction to keep me focused on what is important, creative inspiration as I find my own voice, and preparation to take on what God is asking of me in this season. It is a joy to be a part of this group as I learn from each leader and as I share what God is teaching and doing in my part of the world and His church through yoga.



I was trying to find a deeper connection with God and often found myself feeling distant from Him without really knowing why or how to fix it. I was not a huge fan of my body, and I struggle with anxiety and depression. I felt like my body was constantly betraying me and was something that I will be happy to leave behind after this life. Since joining The Abbey though, I feel like I am able to connect with and dwell with God on a deeper, more intimate level. I can just sit and be still with Him, and I can embody my faith and feel His presence more strongly and fully. I now think of my body as something that I can worship God in and with, and try to view it as where the Spirit dwells.


As a fairly new yoga teacher, I was feeling excited to teach but I was having a hard time figuring out my direction. I also felt a lack of support and community…and then The Abbey. This amazing group offers support, community, amazing resources, creativity and more. Through Caroline and the other leaders of The Abbey my world has opened up in ways I never expected. The guidance, kindness, wisdom, and love shared here are helping me live freer and more confident in who I am in Christ and as a yoga teacher.