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Hello, hello. I’m Caroline Williams—founder of The Abbey.

I have been a lover of Jesus for as long as I can remember. Without totally understanding why I always felt most alive connected with God through movement (running, hiking, pilates, dance). I discovered yoga over ten years ago and it was there, more than anywhere else, I felt and heard God’s voice so clearly. On my yoga mat (in a non-Christian yoga studio), God brought peace to my anxiety, healing to my body injured from long-distance running, and wholeness to my heart crushed with disappointment and loss.

I have been guiding people into deeper connection with God on their yoga mats through my YouTube channel for over five years now. The free yoga and meditation videos there have been watched over one million times by people all over the world (this blows my mind!).

Before yoga, I felt immense shame around my prayer life and “daily quiet time.” “Quiet” is not a word anyone would ever have used to describe me, so the thought of sitting in silence with God first thing in the morning was torture. But once I learned how to pray through yoga and movement, sitting in stillness and silence with God became a place I longed for rather than a place I feared. Relationship with God became something I didn’t have to depend on others to facilitate for me, but something I could step into the sweetness of all day, every day.

I am an RYT-200 and RPYT with over 600 hours of training in vinyasa, Iyengar, and Katonah methodologies.

But, I don’t lead The Abbey alone!

Right beside me, are many amazing women who are just as committed to your safety, spiritual growth, and physical well-being. Here are a few of our talented contributors:




Spiritual Director and Retreat Leader, RYT-200

Abbey Yoga and Meditation Guide

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Trauma-Sensitive Instructor, E-RYT 200

Abbey Yoga Guide



Episcopal Priest, RYT-425

Abbey Meditation Guide