August Book Club Replay


Discussion Questions for chapters 15-18:

The second half of Chapter 15 discusses the role and power of breath. Describe what breath looks like in your yoga and prayer practice.
What is the most compelling benefit of yoga, in your opinion? Draw from your own experience or something Fr. Ryan wrote in Chapter 16.

Fr. Ryan spends Chapter 18 discussing his view on how and where Christianity intersects with other world religions. Whether you agree with any of his points, is there a common ground you think you could find with someone of another faith? What would it look like to affirm the fingerprint of God in their life?

What was your general feeling as you finished reading the book? 

How has the book better prepared you to articulate your Christian beliefs in the yoga community?

What tools have you found and look forward to using in your own meditative practice?

What resources and writers mentioned in the book do you think you might want to seek out for further study?