So right now, let’s imagine what your life would look like if …


  • You discovered a rich connection with God’s presence that stayed with you every moment of every day
  • You didn’t have to choose between exercising and spending time with God when you only had 20 minutes to spare (Can we get an amen?!)
  • You found lightness and peace in your mental and emotional health by lowering your anxiety, improving your sleep, and relieving the stress of your daily life
  • You experienced the love and acceptance of God in your physical body—just as you are
  • You became present to your everyday life rather than pushing through feelings of numbness and overwhelm
  • You began healing your body and felt GOOD in it, with less pain, stiffness, and discomfort
  • You felt physically and spiritually safe as you practiced yoga + meditation from the comfort of your home, knowing that devotion to Jesus was the heart of every practice