June Book Club Replay


Discussion Questions:

Fr. Ryan talks about the importance of ritual across all religions as a way of connecting us to Mystery (p. 122). What rituals of the Christian faith have been life-giving for you? Are there rituals you in engage with in community or alone that you’ve adopted over time?

On p. 126, Fr. Ryan writes that in John 3:16, the Bible says that God sent his son to save the world, not the church, and that we have something to learn of God from all peoples in the world. What thoughts or feelings does this inspire for you? Why do you think Christians (and other religions) are hesitant to engage with and learn from other religions?

How would you say that Fr. Ryan’s explanation of the aim of yoga lines up with what we understand the aim of yoga to be via culture, media, and advertising?

Did any of the information about the origins of yoga communicated in this chapter change the way you think about yoga? Is this in line with what you believed to be true? Does it make you more or less comfortable talking about it with others who are skeptical?