You completed your teacher training but feel like you know less than you did when you started. While taking more trainings would be amazing, you don’t have the time or money, but you still want to continue learning and growing as an instructor.


We totally get it, which is why we offer an advanced workshop every month on relevant topics to make you a smarter, wiser, and more insightful leader. Led by Caroline and other experienced yoga teachers, these workshops inspire deep questions and equip you with real tools to take into your classes and impact your students.

Past workshops include: Finding Your Voice: Translating Heaven While TeachingThe Anatomy of the Breath, Pelvis 101, and This is A Good Body: Navigating Our Relationship With Our Body Through Yoga

You long for the kind of community and support you had back in teacher training but lack now that you’ve graduated.


It’s no fun getting kicked out of the teacher training nest and out into the real world! The Abbey is a safe place to land whether you recently graduated or graduated a long time ago but aren’t surrounded by a community of other Jesus-loving yoga instructors. We cultivate active community in our private Facebook Group where we host weekly conversation topics and share the highs and lows (and all the weird in-betweens) of following this calling.

You are looking for practical tools to help you teach your classes like sequencing ideas, theme ideas, and playlists.


We’ve got a lot of tools around The Abbey! Each month our Leaders receive a full sequence breakdown of the Power & Slow Flow practices for that month complete with stick figures, pose names, and cueing tips to help guide your students through the movements. We also wrestle the monthly theme into six different variations, pulling the threads of the one theme in many directions. We find other Bible verses, meaningful quotes, and deep questions and put each variation of the theme on a notecard so you can take it right into your class with you and guide your students into a deeper revelation of God in and around them. And no more playing the same playlist every class – each month we provide you with two new playlists so you can expand your music library and inspire your students!

You’ve been teaching for awhile and just feel stuck and maybe even a little bored. You’re desperate for fresh inspiration and encouragement. 


Not only will you gather tons of inspiration and encouragement from the monthly content bundles, but you’ll find even more of it from fellow Leaders right in our Facebook Group. One of our weekly traditions is posting a pose and asking people to share one or two tips on how they would cue it. This is one of our favorite rituals as we all learn something new, learn how to say something in a new way, or learn how to make the pose more accessible to our students. You don’t have to walk this path alone, friend! Let us pour into you with the same kind of intentionality and passion you pour into your students!