March Book Club Replay


Discussion Questions:

Fr. Tom Ryan begins Chapter 3 with a discussion of the Jesus prayer. Is this something you’re familiar with – something you were taught as a child or have incorporated in your own prayer life? If not, is there another similar style of prayer you’ve created for yourself (i.e. Come, Holy Spirit)?

On page 40 the author says, “Each age needs spiritual teachers and guides who will take what is ancient and time-tested and package it anew for modern usage.” The next section goes on to briefly talk about some of these contemporary teachers. Do you have a modern spiritual teacher in this vein?

At the beginning of Chapter 4, we’re given a breakdown of the word ‘contemplation’ from it’s Latin root templum. What did you think of the imagery he used and its connotations for contemplative prayer?

The author talks in depth about the difference between Ignatian spirituality and the teachings of John of the Cross. What did you find interesting about the differences in these two different teachers? Did you feel drawn to learn more about one in particular?