May Book Club Replay


Discussion Questions:

What kind of distractions come up for you when you try and sit and meditate? Which of those distracting thoughts feels the hardest to separate yourself from?

On p.95, Fr. Ryan quotes St. John of the Cross in describing our “spiritual sweet tooth” – what is some of the spiritual candy you crave? What comes up for you when you think about going on a “diet”?

On p.99 Fr. Ryan writes, “The essence of Christian prayer is not therefore dialogue, but union.” Do you believe this to be true? How does this relate to your experience, understanding, and education around prayer?

On p. 102 Fr. Ryan writes, “John Main called meditation “the first death.”” How has this been your experience? 

In chapter 9 Fr. Ryan gives a story about a dog chasing a rabbit to describe having a clear vision and purpose to help us stay the course. What is yours, when it comes to practicing meditation?