You love practicing Jesus-centered yoga at home but you wish the videos were just a little bit longer.


Good news, all the yoga practices in The Abbey are 60 minutes long, just like if you were to take a class at a gym or studio! Each month you receive a more challenging Power Flow and a more gentle Slow Flow. These practices are led by Caroline and by other incredible Leaders in The Abbey.

You have to hide your yoga from friends and family who are concerned about your salvation. 


Welcome to the club ?We’re a global family of Jesus followers and yoga lovers. You’ll find a community of like-hearted friends in the Facebook Group and be encouraged and inspired in your walk through the rich monthly content.

You’ve noticed that what you’re cultivating on your mat is starting to show up off your mat. Now you’re interested in taking your practice deeper and exploring other contemplative practices. 


We love taking God out of the box and revisiting ancient prayer practices like meditation and Lectio Divina. Each month in The Abbey, you’ll receive two audio recordings where Caroline or another Leader guides you through these ways of praying. We’ve also started a monthly practice called Creative Contemplation where we practice seeing God in a piece of art, poetry, and music. Along with the piece of art, we provide you with some reflecting questions to inspire and challenge you to go deeper.