But this is so much more than a training that teaches you how to lead a yoga class.

This is an excavation of Biblical truths about what it means to know and be known by God in our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls.

This is a journey of God-discovery and self-discovery, a trek to the limits of what we believe to be true about each.

This is an uncovering of your voice, the unique, powerful voice God has given you to lead others into greater freedom and wholeness.

This is a scavenger hunt for where we might see the fingerprints of God in ancient yoga philosophies and teachings.

This is an equipping of skills that help you see beyond the surface and guide others to places (and poses) they never dared to go.

This is a stripping away and a building up.


This is an immersion into what it means to be an embodied follower of Jesus and teacher of yoga.

This is about taking your yoga practice and your relationship with God to the next level (or next 10 levels).

This is about stepping into your calling to make space so others can know the Peace and Presence of God.