So what happens when yoga + a devotion to Jesus are combined?




Before joining the Abbey I didn’t have much of a “spiritual life.” I hadn’t meditated for years. My body wasn’t as strong or flexible either. But after joining the Abbey I relearned how to connect with God besides just prayer. I noticed feeling more calm and confident in general –I was doing laundry with my daughter the other day and I just felt so calm and grateful. It’s hard to explain, but I just felt content in my body. I’ve never felt that way before.



Before I found Christian yoga I was so depressed and full of anxiety and fear. I could barely sleep at night and my mind raced with worry. When I found yoga, that all got under control and for the first time in three years I could find peace, rest and stillness of my thoughts.



The Abbey has helped me to take the time to ponder, listen and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to me through the practices offered. I am learning to love myself and the body that has been given to me. I am relating to God at a deeper level of intimacy. As He speaks through the word given, I receive healing, encouragement and insights.


It’s because of women like Jennifer, Sam, and Laura (and the 800+ other Christian women and men inside of The Abbey) that we can assure you of this:


Within the first week of experiencing The Abbey, all of the fear, stigma, and clichés you’ve heard or felt about “Christian yoga” will fade away. Instead, the sweetness of God’s presence will meet you on your mat, ushering in an experience of peace and belonging you’ve been longing for.