The Abbey

An at-home yoga sanctuary of peace, presence, and belonging for the lover of God who is aching to feel whole.

Imagine a sanctuary for a moment…
what comes to mind?

Maybe you’re picturing a soaring cathedral with stained glass. Or perhaps you’re imagining a humble church with weathered pews, candlelight, and a tangible feeling of quiet, calm, and holy reverence.

There’s a good chance that this “sanctuary” feels like it exists out there, but not in here—not in your living room, or car, and definitely not in you.

Which is exactly why you’re here and searching for more.

Whether you’re currently …​

  • Battling overwhelming stress and anxiety
  • Constantly feeling behind as you try to “keep up” with all the things you have to do
  • Feeling shame about your lack of consistency and discipline around exercise and regular quiet times with God
  • Struggling to feel at-home in your body (because of chronic illness, pregnancy + postpartum, injury, or aging)
  • Overwhelmed by all the things you “should” or “should not” do when it comes to taking care of your spiritual, emotional, and physical health

No matter what your story or experience is, you’re searching for a sanctuary in the midst of the struggle.

The GOOD news is…

God’s presence + peace aren’t waiting for you when you have
more time
OR more money
OR a more able body.

So right now, let’s imagine
what your life would look like if…

  • You discovered a rich connection with God’s presence that stayed with you every moment of every day
  • You didn’t have to choose between exercising and spending time with God when you only had 20 minutes to spare (Can we get an amen?!)
  • You found lightness and peace in your mental and emotional health by lowering your anxiety, improving your sleep, and relieving the stress of your daily life
  • You experienced the love and acceptance of God in your physical body—just as you are
  • You became present to your everyday life rather than pushing through feelings of numbness and overwhelm
  • You began healing your body and felt GOOD in it, with less pain, stiffness, and discomfort
  • You felt physically and spiritually safe as you practiced yoga + meditation from the comfort of your home, knowing that devotion to Jesus was the heart of every practice

This is exactly why we built The Abbey—to create a safe space for you to surrender all the stress, shame, and stiffness you carry for an experience of Peace + Presence in all places and at all times.

In other words, The Abbey is a space for you to experience a low-cost, low-impact workout you can do from home that deeply nourishes your spirit as well as your body.

Because in this busy modern world, one of the hardest things to do is “Be still and know that I am God.” And yet, not only is this a Biblical command, but study after study has revealed that…

  1. Meditation can actually change your brain—reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD [1]
  2. Your memory, concentration, and quality of sleep can all be improved through movement and meditation [2]
  3. Whenever you practice yoga consistently it’s proven to reduce blood pressure and inflammation in the body [3]

And yet, so many Christians are afraid of HOW yoga or meditation might pull them away from God. Which makes sense. Because before The Abbey was built, there were very few accessible ways in which Christians could experience the scientific benefits of yoga while also honoring and enriching their faith.

So what happens when yoga + a devotion to Jesus are combined?


Before joining the Abbey I didn’t have much of a “spiritual life.” I hadn’t meditated for years. My body wasn’t as strong or flexible either. But after joining the Abbey I relearned how to connect with God besides just prayer. I noticed feeling more calm and confident in general –I was doing laundry with my daughter the other day and I just felt so calm and grateful. It’s hard to explain, but I just felt content in my body. I’ve never felt that way before.


Before I found Christian yoga I was so depressed and full of anxiety and fear. I could barely sleep at night and my mind raced with worry. When I found yoga, that all got under control and for the first time in three years I could find peace, rest and stillness of my thoughts.


The Abbey has helped me to take the time to ponder, listen and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to me through the practices offered. I am learning to love myself and the body that has been given to me. I am relating to God at a deeper level of intimacy. As He speaks through the word given, I receive healing, encouragement and insights.

It’s because of women like Jennifer, Sam, and Laura (and the 800+ other Christian women and men inside of The Abbey) that we can assure you of this:

Within the first week of experiencing The Abbey, all of the fear, stigma, and clichés you’ve heard or felt about “Christian yoga” will fade away. Instead, the sweetness of God’s presence will meet you on your mat, ushering in an experience of peace and belonging you’ve been longing for.

So why The Abbey?

Even though there are other online yoga membership sites out there (and we are big fans of theirs!), The Abbey isn’t just about giving you a practice that nourishes your body.

We believe that walking in wholeness looks like tending to the whole person—body, mind, heart, and

So while we do have a library of yoga videos for you to access immediately and even though we do release NEW yoga videos for you every single month, you’ll also find a library of prayer meditation practices, rich devotional content, and a welcoming global community.

And as a diverse, Jesus-centric community (which is inclusive of ALL body shapes, denominations, and backgrounds) we are committed to caring for you as a whole person.

For us, this means…

  • Your body is nourished each month with yoga practices that physically help you embody the healing of God. These 20-60 minute videos will increase your flexibility and strengthen your body while creating physical space for you to take a deep breath.
  • Your mind is nourished each month with a thought-provoking devotional that seeks to offer more questions than answers—allowing you to embrace your own unique relationship with Jesus.
  • Your heart is nourished with a guided meditation practice ranging from 5-15 minutes. Which means, even if you only have a few minutes to spare, you can still hit play and anchor yourself in the peace and presence of Love.
  • Your soul is nourished with a guided Lectio Divina practice drawn from our monthly theme. Lectio Divina is an ancient practice of listening to a passage of Scripture and then holding space for silence. Rather than wrestling meaning out of the text, we listen and we rest in God’s spirit.

By approaching the practice from all these different angles, we draw meaning at a much deeper, more embodied level. Yoga becomes so much more than exercise and prayer becomes so much more than something you’re “supposed” to do.


It’s been so LIFE GIVING this past month with the Abbey. As a first time Mama, this has been my sanctuary. Thanks for this gift!


If I had one word to describe The Abbey it would be “thought-provoking”. The content here is rich and will draw you deeper into the heart of Christ and the practice of yoga.


I started this journey post mastectomy with messed up hormones and a lot of anger at my body’s “failing me”. I am learning to love myself again and in fact am in awe of the many things my body can do.

As a part of your membership experience, we release a new bundle new bundle of content around a central theme every single month. This slow pace helps us to really savor the sweetness of the teaching. Our theme this year is Sacred Spaces so every month you’ll receive: