Week Six:

Embodied Sequencing, Principles of Backbending, Principles of Inversions, Yoga History & Philosophy

This week we’ll cover poses that get us seeing things from a different perspective – backbends and inversions. These can be some of the most intimidating poses but we’ll break them down for you so they feel accessible and invigorating, tools in your toolbelt to help yourself and students break past stuck emotions and fear.

We’ll also begin a more focused study of the roots of yoga and the ancient yogic texts because we know that your Christian students (and concerned friends and family) will have lots of questions about this and you need to be prepared to thoughtfully answer them. We’ll be bringing back in our favorite teacher on this topic (who you will already know from our Chakras week!) to help us see the fingerprint of God in yoga’s history and philosophy and to draw connections with our Christian faith.