Week Nine:

Meditation, Prenatal Yoga 101, Conscious Communication

A training on meditation would not be complete without a serious look at the call to meditation in the Bible and practiced by Christians throughout the centuries. We’ll explore different ways of praying taught by different Christian Contemplatives and you’ll learn different methods to teach prayer meditation to your students (even the most meditation-resistant ones!). We can tell you from experience that your own prayer life (the way you relate to God) will never be the same after this!

This week you’ll be introduced to the basic modifications required for pregnant students so that you don’t have to panic when one walks into your class 😉

There are a small number of things that can radically affect a person’s experience of a yoga class and the language the teacher uses is one of them. You will have a few weeks of practice teaching under your belt by now so we’ll begin to finesse your teaching by exploring the words used, why it matters, and how you can communicate with clarity and effectiveness.