September: Creative Contemplation

This month we're extending two Creative Contemplation invitations! Both of these invitations are connected to this month's theme of the fourth day of creation. We hope you carve out time for both of them, soaking yourself in the majesty of God and making space for awe and wonder to draw you nearer to our Creator.

Invitation 1: Set aside 30 minutes to go outside during the sunrise, sunset, or in the dark of night and practice wonderment at God's abundant creation.

Leave your phone behind and simply be with God, letting the glory of the sky lead you into deeper worship.

The spiritual journey is a constant interplay between moments of awe followed by a process of surrender to that moment. We must first allow ourselves to be captured by the goodness, truth, or beauty of something beyond and outside ourselves. Then we universalize from that moment to the goodness, truth, and beauty of the rest of reality, until our realization eventually ricochets back to include ourselves! This is the great inner dialogue we call prayer. We humans resist both the awe and, even more, the surrender. Both are vital, and so we must practice. - Richard Rohr

Take a few minutes afterwards to put words to the experience. If you'd like to share some of it in The Abbey's Facebook Group, we'd love to hear it!

Invitation 2: Use this journaling worksheet to help you reflect on the change of seasons as we mark the September Equinox on September 22.

If you live in the northern hemisphere, the September Equinox marks the end of Summer and start of Autumn. The amount of daylight we will receive will continue to diminish until the December Equinox.

If you live in the southern hemisphere, the September Equinox marks the end of Winter and beginning of Spring. The amount of daylight will continue to increase until the December Equinox.

The writer of Genesis denotes that the lights in the sky that God created on this day were to "serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years" (v 14). Take some time to journal through some of these questions on this specific day that marks a change in rhythm. 

*These journaling questions would also make great themes for your classes...