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An at-home yoga sanctuary of peace, presence, and belonging for the lover of God searching for embodied faith.

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“Free, Strong, Connected to Jesus”

My yoga mat used to only be a place to work my body as a punishment for how I ate or for when I felt inadequate. Now it’s a place where I feel most myself: free, strong, connected to Jesus.

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Flow With Us

We believe that walking in wholeness looks like tending to the whole person—body, mind, heart, and soul. As a diverse, Jesus-centered community (welcoming of all body shapes, backgrounds, and abilities) we are committed to bringing you low-cost, low-impact practices that nourish your body and your spirit.


100+ yoga practices ranging from 15-60 minutes designed in our exclusive Embodied Faith style. Whether you’re brand new to yoga or have years of experience, these practices will encourage, challenge, and bless you.


Embracing stillness, silence, and solitude are spiritual disciplines in our noisy lives. These short, Scripture-based practices help you to “Be still and know” {Psalm 46:10}.


Through thought-provoking devotionals, music, art, and journaling prompts you’ll be challenged to sit with awe and wonder, and embrace your own unique relationship with Jesus.


Become a Yoga Teacher

Our transformational 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program takes place entirely online and will equip you (yes you) to hold space for others to encounter the goodness of God on their yoga mats. Our live and highly interactive format sets us apart from other online training programs and is why it has sold out every time we’ve offered it. 

This is an immersion into what it means to be an embodied follower of Jesus and teacher of yoga.

This is about taking your yoga practice and your relationship with God to the next level (or next 10 levels).

This is about stepping into your calling to make space so others can know the Peace and Presence of God.


A Note from Our Founder

I started The Yoga Abbey in 2018 because I longed for a space that nurtured not only my body and mind through yoga and meditation, but that drew my wandering heart back to the feet of Jesus.

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What Members Say

The sweetness of God’s presence will meet you on your yoga mat no matter your age, ability, body shape, or background.

Your classes have helped me come home to my body and prioritize mental, physical, and spiritual health at once.

I struggle with anxiety and the peace and closeness to God that I have found here with Him is just wonderful, a light in the dark.

The Abbey certainly helps to keep me grounded and connected to God, especially during the times when we have been isolating due to Covid.

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You Belong Here

Walking in the peace and presence of God isn’t just for ministers or monks, super yogis or marathon meditators. There is a deeper experience of freedom and wholeness that only comes when we invite our physical bodies into our spiritual lives. Our bodies are not meant to be ignored but embraced and welcomed into fellowship with God, just as they are.