Embodied Womanhood

Embodied Womanhood

Nobody told us about this…

As women, we experience a number of profound physiological changes in our lifetimes. From puberty and menstruation to perimenopause and eventually menopause, all the systems of our bodies undergo major upheaval. Add in pregnancy and postpartum and our bodies are forever changed.

We absorb all kinds of stories, explicit and implicit, about what it means to be a woman and these stories shape our experience of these changes. Many of us stumble into them blind, unsure of what’s happening or what’s “normal.” Actually embracing these changes, celebrating our evolution, and feeling equipped and empowered with the knowledge and tools to best support ourselves through them can feel like a fantasy.

Welcome to Summer School in The Yoga Abbey where we’ll stare these different seasons of our life square in the face, learn what’s happening, and discover how best to support ourselves through them.

Four Generations

We are Imago Dei after all and reflect something unique and vital about the character of God. Rather than seeing these physiological changes as a curse, can we turn to them as a gift, an invitation to discover more of who God is and who God longs for us to be?

Embodied Womanhood, Summer 2024

Session 1 | Moving with Your Cycle

with Jamie Terry
Saturday, June 15 | 2-3:15pm EDT
+ replay

Each phase of your menstrual cycle offers gifts and challenges. When we don’t know what these are or how to honor them, we can accidentally push ourselves at the wrong time or rest when it’s a good time to move! This can leave us feeling out of sync with our menstrual cycles, our energy, and our bodies.

Join Jamie Terry, our Anatomy & Physiology Instructor, for this workshop to learn practical and accessible information to help you adjust your movement practices with the ebb and flow of your menstrual cycle phases. This workshop will be lecture-based with handouts/downloadable material. It will not cover perimenopause or menopause.

Session 2 | Harmonizing Hormones: Embrace Your Body’s Natural Rhythms

with Dr. Trevor Cates
Wednesday, June 26 | 12-1:30pm EDT + replay

Hormones often get blamed for a myriad of issues, but what if they could work for you instead of against you? In this enlightening workshop, Dr. Trevor Cates will guide you through understanding how your hormones function and how to harmonize with their natural rhythms.

Discover how to feel more at home in your body by learning about the intricate relationships between hormonal changes and various life stages such as menarche, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. Dr. Cates will explain how hormones are interconnected and offer insights into managing transitions with grace. Join us to explore ways to support your hormonal health and experience a balanced, vibrant life.

Please note this discussion is not intended to create a doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Cates nor is it intended as medical advice. It is for general lifestyle guidance only. Please consult with your healthcare provider for individualized medical care.

Session 3 | Beautiful Beyond Compare: Seeing Our Changing Bodies Through the Eyes of Love

with Melissa Reed
Wednesday, July 24 | 1-2:30pm EDT + replay

Invite the Spirit of Love to join you in the pages of your journal as Melissa Reed, a Spiritual Director, guides you through a simple but powerful journaling exercise to nurture kindness toward your body in all of her phases and stages.

Together we will begin with a centering exercise followed by a time of quiet, guided journaling, followed by time of optional sharing in community.

Session 4 | Growing Stronger As We Age: The Why & How-To of Strength-Training for Women

with Bri Joy
Thursday, July 25 | 7-8pm EDT
+ replay

Did you know that after 30, we lose 3-8% of muscle mass every decade? Menopause accelerates this rate of muscle loss meaning that incorporating strength-training into our regular movement patterns is key to our long-term health and vitality.

Join Bri, Revelation Wellness instructor, to learn more about what happens to our bodies as we age and how our strongest days can be ahead of us, not behind us.

* Wear workout clothing and bring a set of light-weight (1-3lbs) and heavier-weight (5-15lbs) dumbbells if you have them.

Session 5 | Yoga for the Body You Have

with Alison Cox
Tuesday, August 6 | 5-6:30pm EDT + replay

We often step onto our mats with a desire to change something about ourselves – become more flexible, more thin, more at peace. Perhaps we make some progress towards this but then life inevitably disrupts us with injury, illness, or waning energy. Rather than trying to force ourselves to fit the yoga, what if we allowed the yoga to adapt to us and our evolving needs?

Join Alison to learn how to customize your yoga practice, listen to your body’s inner wisdom, and create specific adaptations for the body you have.

*This workshop will be part lecture and part yoga class, so bring your mat!

Session 6 | Chavah: Made in the Image of God

with Caroline Williams
Tuesday, August 20 | 2-3pm EDT + replay

The Bible opens with a poetical account of the unfolding of creation, describing how God created men and women in his image  – Imago Dei. What does the name given to the first woman (Chavah in Hebrew) mean and what does that tell us about our own womanhood? How do the profound physiological changes we experience reflect something about who God is? And what would it be like to encounter God as not exclusively male but a Creator God whose being is reflected in both women and men?

Join Caroline, the Founder of The Yoga Abbey, as we explore what it means to be women, uniquely created in God’s image

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Have a Question?

How will I access the sessions?

The sessions will be hosted live on Zoom and the replay will live in a private dashboard you’ll be able to login and access anywhere, anytime. Upon registration, you’ll receive an email with your login information to the dashboard. Within the dashboard you’ll find the Zoom link for the live call. You’ll also receive a reminder email prior to the live session with the Zoom link.

What equipment do I need?

For Session 5 with Alison you’ll want to have your yoga mat and any other helpful props you have (blocks, blankets, etc). For every other session, you’ll just want to have something to take notes with.

What if I miss a session?

Not a problem! You’ll have access to the replay in your own private dashboard forever.

Do I have to be on camera?

Nope! You’re certainly welcome to (the instructors love connecting face-to-face) but you’re welcome regardless of how you show up that day.

Does this qualify for Yoga Alliance credit?

Unfortunately no. While all of our instructors are Continuing Education Providers with Yoga Alliance, due to the diverse nature of the program, we’re unable to offer credit.

Fall more in love with the goodness of God, your body, yoga, and prayer this Summer