January: Lectio Divina

This Lectio Divina practice is brought to you by Sarah, a Leader in The Abbey. You can connect with Sarah on her Facebook page and on Instagram @louisianayogi.

“Then his disciples approached Jesus and asked, “Why do you always speak to people in these hard-to-understand parables?”

He explained, “You’ve been given the intimate experience of insight into the hidden truths and mysteries of the realm of heaven’s kingdom, but they have not.

For everyone who listens with an open heart will receive progressively more revelation until he has more than enough. But those who don’t listen with an open, teachable heart, even the understanding that they think they have will be taken from them.

That’s why I teach the people using parables, because they think they’re looking for truth, yet because their hearts are unteachable, they never discover it. Although they will listen to me, they never fully perceive the message I speak.

The prophecy of Isaiah describes them perfectly:

Although they listen carefully to everything I speak, they don’t understand a thing I say.

They look and pretend to see, but the eyes of their hearts are closed.

Their minds are dull and slow to perceive,

their ears are plugged and are hard of hearing, and they have deliberately shut their eyes to the truth.

Otherwise they would open their eyes to see, and open their ears to hear, and open their minds to understand.

Then they would turn to me and let me instantly heal them.

“But your eyes are privileged, for they see. Delighted are your ears, for they are open to hear all these things.

Many prophets and godly people in times past yearned to see these days of miracles that you’ve been favored to see. They would have given everything to hear the revelation you’ve been favored to hear. Yet they didn’t get to see as much as a glimpse or hear even a whisper.

“Now you are ready to listen to the revelation of the parable of the sower and his seeds:”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭13:10-18‬ ‭TPT‬‬