November: Slow Flow

This practice is guided by Abbey Leader Kristine McCoy. You’ll want to have two blocks, a strap, and a blanket for this practice.

This flow focuses on the neck, upper back, and shoulders, to relieve tension and stress.

“To say that we are made in the image of the divine is to say that what is deepest in us is of God. At the heart of who we are is the love of God, the wisdom of God, the creativity, imagination and wildness of God.” - J. Philip Newell, The Book of Creation

“God sees that the light is good, and not as an act of recognition, but as a reflection of His own goodness, originating in Him and issuing from Him. He is the source of all good and is Himself wholly good.” – Jen Wilkin, In His Image

“God is the origin of all good. He is infinitely good so that even what we see of Him in the very good of the visible creation and even what we read of Him in the very good words of the Scriptures is a fractional representation of His goodness…The infinite goodness of God can fill an infinite number of universes and an infinite number of books, yet the sliver we see of it is still a bounty, an abundance.” – Jen Wilkin