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Welcome to The Abbey

The Abbey is a space where, in the words of Ram Dass, we’re all just walking each other home. None of us here have all the answers or do it perfectly. We believe this is holy ground, this is sacred space, and you are the dwelling place of God. Oh, and we’re pretty big believers that yoga is a beautiful reminder that home is right here, right now, in our bodies, in our breath, held by the ever-present heart of God.

I am so honored that you have found your way here and pray that the content and community nudges you a little closer to home.

My prayer is that in these (digital) walls you find…

…the courage to take up space with your ideas, questions, doubts, and insights
…the inspiration to take your next leap of faith
…the kind of support that gives you permission to cease your striving and really rest
…the tools to excavate the darkness and bring the light

You are so welcomed here.