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Cultivate a deeper connection with God on your yoga mat without rushing to a gym, trying to keep up, or wondering if you belong.


Learn a New Way to Pray

You love God, and you want to feel good in your body. But life is full, and time is short. Given the choice between spending time with Jesus or going to the gym, you always feel like you’re making a frustrating trade-off.

Perhaps spending time with Jesus feels more like a “should” than a genuine desire. You’ve been told it’s what God wants, but when you sit down to pray or read your Bible, overwhelm sets in.

Or perhaps going to the gym or a yoga class feels more like a “should” than a genuine desire. You’ve been told your body needs to look or move a certain way and that yoga will help. But what if you can’t touch your toes? What if you can’t keep up? What if the instructor uses words you don’t understand or chants in a different language? What if it doesn’t feel safe or good to be in your body?

We know what this feels like because we’ve been there too.

We’ve avoided time with God and we’ve avoided being in our bodies. We’ve felt the exhaustion of stress, shame, and sickness. We’ve tried scrolling our way into feeling better, but inevitably, we end up feeling more disconnected than when we started.

So we’ve given up trying to be perfect Christians or expert yogis and embraced Jesus’ invitation to come as we are.

We step onto our mats to surrender all the heaviness we’ve been carrying and draw near to The One Who Sees Us. We offer our yoga as prayer and exhale deeply into the freedom and joy of being seen, known, and loved just as we are.

Our bodies feel stronger and our spirits feel lighter.

This is an embodied faith experience.

Yoga Abbey classes have helped me come home to my body.

Your classes have helped me very much on a journey coming home to my body and prioritizing mental, physical, and spiritual health at once instead of compartmentalizing them (or ignoring them). At first, I saw the digital yoga community as a substitute for being able to participate in my gym’s yoga classes as I had for several years before the pandemic. However, whether I return to the gym or not, the content on The Abbey meets a totally different set of needs and is not something I would even compare – I would no longer see them as things I would have to choose between, and will continue to enjoy the classes, meditations, and other monthly content you provide.

Anybody. Anywhere. Anytime.

Membership in The Yoga Abbey provides:

On-demand videos ranging from 15-60 minutes so you don’t have to rush to the gym or feel guilty because you only have 20 minutes to spare.

Low-impact yoga classes accessible to most bodies, so you no longer feel like you don’t fit in because you can’t keep up or touch your toes.

Guided meditation practices, Lectio Divinas (sacred scripture reading), creative contemplations (and more) so you no longer have to will the words to come when you pray.

Peace of mind knowing you’re nourishing your body, mind, and spirit, connecting deeply with God, and growing in faith, hope, and love.

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This space has been so special, holy, and transformative for me.

Whether I feel strong and healthy or weak and tired, I can find practices and experiences that nourish my mind, body, and soul. This community has brought healing and joy to my soul.

We long to know God’s peace and presence at all times and in all things, but how do we cultivate that knowing? 

Maybe you’ve gone through a major life change recently – an illness, job change, divorce, new parenthood, relational loss – and whenever you turn towards God to pray, you just feel stuck. The questions, confusion, and pain feel more present than any kind of peace. 

Maybe you’ve experienced deeply personal and significant trauma and you feel disconnected from your body, as if it’s easier to just numb out through over-exercising or avoiding movement at any cost.

Maybe you’ve done all the Bible reading, Bible studies, prayer groups, and quiet times – which are all good things – but still sense a chasm between yourself and an intimate, ongoing relationship with Jesus.

Perhaps the last time you really “felt” something was when you dropped into a yoga class at the gym and found tears running down your face in savasana. 

Those tears were telling you that *something* happened, but you’re not sure what and you can’t go back too often because paying per class adds up, and you felt out of place the entire time.

Plus, you’re a little nervous to continue practicing yoga because well-meaning loved ones warn you that you’re worshipping Hindu gods.

It doesn’t feel worth it to summon the energy to go to a class after work or long day when you’ll just feel self-conscious and uncertain halfway through. 

With all you have going on, you long to come away from an experience feeling refreshed and cared for, not like your efforts aren’t good enough.

You don’t need one more box to check or hoop to jump through. You just long to know the peace and presence of Jesus with your whole self as your whole self.

Practicing Yoga

A sanctuary for your body, mind, and soul

Our culture has lost sight of the ancient practices of movement and meditation that connect us to the Holy Spirit within. We’re all head knowledge, some heart knowledge, and neglectful of the miraculous body that carries our head and heart through the world. 

Yoga means to yoke or union. Yoga unites the body, mind, and spirit – connecting us to Immanuel, God with us, the God who put on flesh and bone just like us, to unite us the One who enlivens our flesh and bone with the breath of heaven

This is why we feel so good when we leave the mat. 

We feel connected. We feel whole. We have invited our whole selves into surrendered worship.

There is something especially safe and accessible about practicing yoga from the comfort of our homes. This is why we built a library of on-demand yoga practices ranging in length from 15-60 minutes. 

You can practice anywhere, anytime. 

Encountering the peace and presence of God is closer than you know.

Caroline WilliamsHello, I’m Caroline Williams—founder of The Yoga Abbey

I discovered yoga over 15 years ago, and it was there, more than anywhere else, that I felt and heard God’s voice so clearly. On my yoga mat (in a secular yoga studio), God brought peace to my anxiety, healing to my body injured from long-distance running, and wholeness to my heart crushed with disappointment and loss.

I have been guiding people into deeper connection with God on their yoga mats through my YouTube channel for over 8 years now. The free yoga and meditation videos there have been watched over one million times by people all over the world. I am also an E-RYT-200 and RPYT with over 600 hours of training.

Before yoga, I felt immense shame around my prayer life and “daily quiet time.” “Quiet” is not a word anyone would ever have used to describe me, so the thought of sitting in silence with God first thing in the morning was torture. But once I learned how to pray through yoga and movement, sitting in stillness and silence with God became a place I longed for rather than a place I feared. Relationship with God became something I didn’t have to depend on others to facilitate for me, but something I could step into the sweetness of all day, every day.

This is why I started The Yoga Abbey in 2018. I wanted to create a space that tended to the whole person – body, mind, heart, and spirit.


I love The Yoga Abbey!

I desperately needed a restorative and inviting place to exercise that worked with my physical limitations. I found not only that but a new way to connect and worship God in a beautiful and enriching community. Instructors feel like lifelong friends, and, no matter the season or physical ability, there is something for you.

Four Myths About Yoga 

And why it’s okay for Christians to practice it


Membership Features

One month in The Yoga Abbey costs less than most single yoga classes. All our members receive the following benefits each month.

New Content Each Month

We release new content each month, all based on a single theme. This year, we are devoting ourselves to Embodying Friendship with Jesus by looking deeply at the intimate relationships Jesus had with His disciples. Each month, we study scriptures found in the Gospels with a fresh look – noticing how Jesus encounters those around Him with lovingkindness. The invitation is to open our hearts to Jesus, our faithful friend.

Members get new content each month based on the theme. Each content piece allows you to embody the love of Jesus in a different way.

4 New Yoga Videos
On-demand, accessible, Jesus-centered yoga flows including a 60-minute slow flow, 30-minute slow flow, 60-minute power flow, and 30-minute power flow

2 New Meditation Practices
On-demand audio offerings include a 15-minute meditation and 10-minute Lectio Divina (sacred listening of scripture reading)

2 New Playlists
You can listen to the Spotify playlists while practicing your yoga flows or to enhance any spiritual practice.

1 New Devotional
The 10-minute devotional prepares your heart for the month ahead

Other Benefits

Library of On-Demand Videos
Hundreds of yoga, meditation, and other spiritual direction practices are ready to view in our library when you need them. You can filter by the type and length of practice you’re interested in. You only have 30 minutes to practice? No problem! With a few clicks, you have a list of practices to choose from at your fingertips.

Private Facebook Group
The spiritual life is meant to be lived in community, and our members-only Facebook group is a place to connect with your fellow Jesus-loving yogis.

Pilgrimage Guides
Pilgrimages are digital checklists that, once completed, earn you stars that can be redeemed for fun rewards! From lock screens to Yoga Abbey merch to discounts on yoga teacher training, Pilgrimages guide you through a series of practices and celebrate your dedication to embodied living.

Discount on Live Events & Training
We offer quarterly opportunities to practice or take live classes from our founder, Caroline Williams, and other Yoga Abbey Leaders. You get special discounted pricing for these events as a member!


I was struggling with how to get more exercise, study more scripture, have more quiet time with Jesus, and self-care….

Then came Yoga Abbey! I signed up and fell in love with the program. It makes a way for me to do all of these at the same time and with full attention to each.


Foundations of Yoga Series

This video series is designed to help you learn the basics of yoga and discover a deeper connection with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

Our founder, Caroline Williams, created this series because she talked to so many people who were afraid to try yoga because they worried they weren’t flexible enough or they were concerned about spiritual influences that might conflict with their faith. 

We believe anyone can do yoga, and God is big enough and good enough to meet us when we step onto our mats with a desire to worship and connect with him.

The 14-video series includes: 

  • An introduction to yoga, its history, and how we can use it as a tool to deepen our Christian faith.
  • Pose breakdowns of the seven foundational yoga poses: Mountain, Chair, Warrior 1 and 2, Downward Dog, Plank to Low Plank, and Cobra/Upward Dog. Instruction is given on ways to modify these poses so they are accessible for all.
  • 4 yoga classes incorporating these seven foundational poses so you can practice how they flow together. These classes range from 15-60 minutes and are paced slowly and gently. Featured in these videos are students with a wide range of abilities.
  • 2 meditation practices to help you “be still and know.”


Meet Your Guides

We have more than 30 brilliant, thoughtful, and wise instructors contributing content in The Yoga Abbey. Here’s a few of them! 


Yoga has built strength in me not through might but through being aware that I embody our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

He is my strength and He cares about me, and not what I do or how I look. He delights to commune with me. This has been profound for not only my faith journey but in my journey towards hearing my body’s needs which is just as holy and important to God.


Join The Yoga Abbey


$24 / month

  • Access to hundreds of yoga & meditation classes
  • 4 new yoga classes every month
  • 2 new meditation classes every month
  • Invitation to our private Facebook group
  • Flexible membership, cancel anytime


What people ask before joining The Yoga Abbey community.

We don’t approach yoga as a workout or simply add Bible verses and a closing prayer. Our instructors are specifically trained to hold space and guide you through an experience of embodied faith.

All of the practices in our library are pre-recorded, just like watching a YouTube video. You can hit play anytime, anywhere!

We have hundreds of yoga videos to choose from. Most of the classes are the Vinyasa style of yoga, where you create a flow by moving from one shape to another. Classes range in length from 10-60+ minutes. You can search the library and filter by the class length, format, skills focus, or difficulty level.

Absolutely not! The Yoga Abbey library includes Caroline’s Foundations of Yoga Beginners series, which breaks down the main yoga shapes, teaching you proper alignment and how to modify the poses for your body. This is a great place to start to learn the basics of yoga.

Once you feel familiar with the poses, our Slow Flow practices are the perfect next step. We release two new ones each month that are gentle, slow, and easily accessible for those just getting started on their yoga journey.

We also have a vibrant and welcoming Facebook group full of new and experienced yogis who are happy to jump in and answer any questions you might have along the way. And of course, The Yoga Abbey team is always here via chat or email to answer your questions or offer suggestions.

Our leadership team and teachers are active in a variety of different Christian faith communities and come from their own unique faith backgrounds. You might find that some teachers use language to talk about God in a way that’s really familiar to you or in a new way. Our monthly themes and all the classes we create are drawn from scripture, and we strive to create a welcoming space for everyone to draw near to God and be transformed by the Holy Spirit.

Absolutely! We welcome everyone and strive to create a safe space no matter where you are in your faith journey.

Our library also includes hundreds of meditation audio recordings, Lectio Divina audio recordings (sacred reading of scripture), devotionals, contemplative prayer, and creative contemplation practices.

All of our yoga teachers are registered at the RYT-200 level or higher, with many of them having pursued additional training in different specialties. Many of our instructors are also Spiritual Directors or have a background serving in vocational ministry.

Yes! We have a handful of practices that are totally safe for pregnancy, with no additional modifications required. We’ve also created a Prenatal Yoga 101 video that walks you through how you can modify all the videos in The Yoga Abbey to move safely and beneficially during pregnancy.

Yes! The Yoga Abbey doesn’t have its own streaming app, but we can give you some options on how to view our videos on your TV. You can chat with us using the icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen or send an email to, and we’ll help you out.

We currently do not offer a trial plan. But our monthly memberships come with no long-term commitments, meaning you can cancel at any time.

Sure can! You can upgrade your membership at any time directly from your account.

Sure can! You can cancel your membership at any time directly from your account. You will continue to have access to The Yoga Abbey until the end of your billing period.


You Belong Here

Walking in the peace and presence of God isn’t just for ministers or monks, super yogis or marathon meditators. There is a deeper experience of freedom and wholeness that only comes when we invite our physical bodies into our spiritual lives. Our bodies are not meant to be ignored but embraced and welcomed into fellowship with God, just as they are.