BONUS: Yoga Slow Flow in Greece with Melissa

In October 2018, fellow Abbey Leader Melissa Reed and I led a yoga retreat together in Greece. This “live flow” comes from one of our gentle morning practices and starts with Lectio Divina from Mark 14:3-9 and then a gentle yoga flow.

Melissa guides us through this beautiful passage of Scripture in this beautiful place. We hope you’re blessed by this!

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  1. Melissa, I love this practice so much, I returned to do it again tonight! I love your style and that you allowed the students to guide themselves in sun salutations this is a valuable teaching that as teachers we sometimes forget, it is empowering for students to guide themselves. I felt like I was with you at the retreat. Before you started the reading I came up with the intention of adoration which aligned so much with the bible passage and your message. Thank you so much! Bless you. bless you.

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