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June 23 – August 18
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What if this Summer was different…

Summer is for connecting with the parts of ourselves that come alive when we give ourselves permission to take our foot off the gas pedal, hold a strict schedule, or have all our ducks in a row.

This amazing thing happens when we let ourselves play and relax our grip on life a bit…we experience more breakthrough, insight, and connection to ourselves (it’s the paradox of rest!). When we embody and luxuriate in a bit of freedom, it reminds us of how delightful it is to be alive and part of God’s family.

So this summer we wanted to offer something new…

>> Something low-key but deeply nourishing

>> Something that tapped into our desire to grow and learn without a ton of added pressure

>> Something you could dip your toes into and feel refreshed, inspired, and reconnected

Introducing, Summer School! 

We’ve gathered up our beloved yoga teacher training team and each of our Lead Instructors will guide a 90-minute workshop designed to help you deepen your understanding of yoga, prayer, God, and yourself. It’s a small taste of what our full 200hr program is like (but with no homework, no deadlines, and no exams…hooray!).

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Session 1: Your Body is a Temple: What the Bible Has to Say About Embodiment with Caroline

Friday, June 23 | 2-3:30pm EDT + replay

You won’t find the word ‘yoga’ in the Bible and you won’t read stories about ancient prophets doing Downward Dog. But that doesn’t mean yoga isn’t in the Bible. What sets Christianity apart from all other world religions is its unrelenting emphasis on embodiment. God doesn’t interact with creation as an avatar, celestial being, or a detached deity living in the clouds. God puts on flesh and dwells among us. After Jesus’ crucifixion, He doesn’t return to earth in some other heavenly form. He returns to earth in his body, dignifying our humanity and our bodies as temples of God’s Spirit.

Join Caroline Williams, the Founder of The Yoga Abbey, for this workshop all about Biblical embodiment. Trace its origins from the Tabernacle in the Old Testament to the bodies we dwell in today and learn how to connect more deeply with God through yoga.

Session 2: The Top 3 Questions About Christians Practicing Yoga with Kelly 

Thursday, June 29 | 1-2:30pm ET + replay

If yoga is more than just a good workout but it isn’t a religion then…what is it?

What’s with the Sanskrit pose names?

How can you practice yoga as a Christian if the roots of yoga come from a different cultural and religious context?

You wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t sensed God’s invitation and peace about practicing yoga, but have you ever wondered more about its history? Maybe you’ve even had to field a few awkward questions from well-meaning people about whether it’s ok to practice as a Christian. 

Join us for this super practical and enlightening conversation with Kelly McLellan, our Yoga History & Philosophy Instructor, and get your burning questions answered! Kelly is uniquely gifted at breaking down complex topics (like yoga philosophy) in a clear, honoring, and empowering way. You’ll leave this workshop feeling more in love with yoga than before!

Session 3: How to Do Downward Dog (and other Foundational Shapes) with Alison 

Friday, July 14 | 2-3:30p EDT + replay

There are some shapes that pop up again and again in just about every yoga class. But do you wonder if you’re ever doing them “right”? Or why your wrists hurt in Downward Dog? Or what the value is of moving your body similarly (or differently!) to the instructor’s body?

Join Alison Cox, our Lead Asana Instructor, for this hands-on alignment-focused workshop all about helping you feel at home in these foundational yoga shapes. Alison will break them down, step by step so you know where your hands, feet, head, and heart should be to help you feel grounded, strong, and soft.

You’ll leave this workshop feeling more confident and empowered as you experience that “a-ha!” moment on your mat!

Session 4: Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness with Kate

Monday, July 24 | 10-11:30am EDT + replay

About 70% of adults have experienced at least 1 traumatic event in their lifetime while 30% have experienced 4 or more. Sometimes, the brain is unable to fully process the trauma, causing a disconnect between mind-body-soul-spirit and a wide variety of unwanted symptoms. Because of yoga’s long held reputation to improve sleep, reduce pain, soothe the nervous system, etc., the presence of trauma survivors within the yoga community is very high.

So then, how do we step onto our mats with tenderness, awareness, compassion, and grace for our bodies and the stories they may hold?

Join Kate Lee, our Assistant Director of Training and a Trauma Sensitive Yoga practitioner, for this essential workshop all about reconnecting with our bodies within the context of God’s invitation to deeper healing. This workshop will introduce you to some trauma-safe tools to help you draw near to God on the mat, just as you are.

Session 5: The Anatomy of Breathing with Jamie

Friday, August 11 | 2-3:30pm EDT + replay

The first thing God does after shaping the first human is breathe into him. Our breath is our animating force – we feel suffocated when we can’t get enough of it and we feel vibrant and alive when we fill ourselves with it. It is an incredibly powerful tool to help us connect, regulate, and rest. But how much do we really understand it? How can we breathe in such a way that doesn’t just keep us alive but helps us to thrive?

Join Jamie Terry, our Anatomy & Physiology Instructor, for this foundational (and mind-blowing) workshop all about our breath. We’ll break down the mechanics of breathing, misconceptions around our breath, and how we tap into a deeper connection with God, ourselves, and our yoga practice through this God-given life source.

Session 6: Prayer Beyond Words: An Introduction to Contemplative Prayer with Melissa

Friday, August 18 | 12-1:30pm EDT + replay

Sometimes prayer feels like an obligation or a checklist. When we talk to God it can often seem like an awkward brain dump of all the things we’re mentally carrying and then a plea for God to forgive, bless, and take care of us. Prayer feels less like an invitation into a conversation with a beloved friend than a one-way word vomit. We might feel a little relieved in the moment, but we don’t feel connected or seen. 

Join Melissa Reed, our Contemplative Prayer Instructor, for this workshop all about contemplative prayer. For centuries, Christians have engaged with different prayer techniques that help us foster a deeper, more intimate relationship with God – one that goes beyond our anxious, unfocused minds and drops deeper into the space of our hearts. Explore some of these ancient practices and experience a way of praying that goes beyond just words.

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Have a Question?

How will I access the sessions?

The sessions will be hosted live on Zoom and the replay will live in a private dashboard you’ll be able to login and access anywhere, anytime. Upon registration, you’ll receive an email with your login information to the dashboard. Within the dashboard you’ll find the Zoom link for the live call. You’ll also receive a reminder email prior to the live session with the Zoom link.

What equipment do I need?

For Sessions 3 and 4 with Alison and Kate you’ll want to have your yoga mat and any other helpful props you have (blocks, blankets, etc). For every other session, you’ll just want to have something to take notes with.

What if I miss a session?

Not a problem! You’ll have access to the replay in your own private dashboard forever.

Do I have to be on camera?

Nope! You’re certainly welcome to (the instructors love connecting face-to-face) but you’re welcome regardless of how you show up that day.

Does this qualify for Yoga Alliance credit?

Unfortunately no. While all of our instructors are Continuing Education Providers with Yoga Alliance, due to the diverse nature of the program, we’re unable to offer credit.

Fall more in love with the goodness of God, your body, yoga, and prayer this Summer